I LIKE Upower Because…

Upower teaches classes at Interagency Academy Queen Anne – the campus specifically for teens in recovery from alcohol and drug abuse. To better gauge our programming and out of sheer curiosity, we asked: “Why do you like Upower? Here’s what they told us.

Chris: “I like how Upower puts the emphasis on fitness, motivates us, encourages us to keep active, and makes it fun.”

Skye: “I like how we talk about eating healthy and drinking water. And how you focus on technique – and not just let us go lift weights – so we do everything correctly.”

Seth: “I like that it’s short and fun and it creates a great workout. We also get to set our own limits.”

Ryan: “I like the high energy because I’m a really hyper person. So it’s a good way to dispel that and to keep it in a calm, contained area.”

Storm: “I like how sore I am after a workout and that I’ve done something productive.”

Nicole: “I like that we get to try new things. I feel like it’s always a challenge but it’s also a low risk environment. So it’s okay, we can just try something new. And if we don’t do it perfectly right the first time, it’s not a failure, so it’s a good place to try new things.”